Welcome Brothas

Welcome brothas!  This is the first post for the new blog 4 The Brothas.  The title says it all.  This is a blog to help Brothas from all walks of life in these United States.  I have to put it out there right now that I don’t pull punches, candy coat, beat around the bush, etc.  I try to remain respectful when it comes to language, in consideration for the spiritual, but at times curse words may find themselves on the page.

My name is Kool and I’m a 40 plus year old black man with 2 children.  I served in the US Marine Corps. in several conflicts, the most notable the 1st Gulf war.  I work in Law enforcement now and will soon be retiring, hopefully to dedicate my time to helping the youth of this nation and around the World.  I am a child of the 70′s so I guess this is where I get my militant nature from but I’m a man of peace as you’ll find out the longer you stick with me.

Why a blog 4 the Brothas?  you might ask.  Well, out of all the races in America we seem to be the most in need of some guidance: spiritually, financially, in relation to family and friends and our standing in our communities.  We need help.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good Brothas out there doing their thing day in and day out.  Matter of fact, there’s probably more Brothas doing the right thing than wrong, it’s just that the Brothas doin’ wrong seem to be the loudest, most visible and vocal representatives of our community in the public eye.  This has to change.

We need to stop making excuses for the Brothas that don’t want to get in line and do whats right.  Speak up when a Brotha is in the wrong.  Silence the Brothas that think they can speak for the whole community all the while making us the laughing stock of not only the Country, but the whole World.

Let’s face it…when we go outside this Country people all over the World have some kind of opinion on “American Blacks” and most of the time it ain’t good.  Trust me, I’ve been around the World a few times and this seems to be the case most of the time and mostly in Countries with fellow brown people.  Why is that?

Understand, this is not a forum for “the revolution” or any type of hatred towards any group, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation but a place for Brothas to come and seek knowledge; or at least be pointed in the right direction to that knowledge. 

You’ll see that I don’t speak over peoples’  head.  I won’t try to impress anyone with language or education because I’m limited in both areas.  We can communicate on all the different levels that the Brothas are on and nobody is excluded or made to feel inferior.  We all have something to offer:  young, old, educated, married, single, soldier, inmate, clergy, etc.

This blog is mostly for the American Black man but anybody from any race who can identify with us in a positive way…your more than welcome to read, post comments and even contribute articles from time to time.

Again, welcome Brothas, and I hope you get something out of this. 

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